Desmond loved starting Elementary School and learning. He always had a host of friends and was well loved by his teachers. He struggled to focus academically and was diagnosed with ADHD in 2nd Grade. Desmond worked hard and overcame his learning disability in 7th grade. He was able to stay focused without medication and with minimal intervention. Playing sports helped him to overcome his attention and impulse deficits by teaching him to channel his energy and focus on the task in front of him.


Desmond was always very friendly and he met no strangers! He could go anywhere and start a conversation with a stranger, then have them laughing and smiling. He loved spending time with his family and annoying his younger sister, Amber. Desmond loved and protected his sister but he also liked to antagonize her by wrapping her up in a blanket and making an “Amber burrito” as he called it! Amber would yell for help and I had to help her get out while Desmond laughed.

Desmond was driven to succeed in life! He was not an “A” student but he refused to give up on himself and his dream of going to College. He aggressively studied and did his best to excel in AAU and High School basketball to open more opportunities for attending college. He was extremely dedicated to progressing his athletic abilities to the next level and achieved his goal of acceptance into a Junior College and signed with a College basketball team.  He also began working at 16 years old as a part-time after school counselor for A.E. Finley YMCA. He continued to work at Forever 21 and Zumiez at Crabtree Valley Mall to save money for College. Desmond loved fashion and helping customers put together stylish outfits. In the Summer leading up to his death, he helped with the Sanderson High School Basketball Camp. Head Coach Shaffer gave Desmond his #2 jersey to show gratitude for his hard work and help with the Camp.


He loved to joke and make others around him laugh. Desmond always wanted to have fun and he lived his life as if there were no tomorrow. It was as if he wanted to fit it all in before his untimely death.


Desmond loved eating and cooking up new concoctions! Breakfast was his favorite meal and he would make a sandwich out of anything. One of his favorite sandwiches was spaghetti in between 2 thick pieces of garlic toast! He also loved playing Live PS4 with his friends and going to concerts. His favorite basketball player is LeBron James and he was a big Tom Brady fan as well.