Desmond is our 1st born child and he was loved by everyone! He was the first born grandchild on both sides of the family and our family was so excited when he was born. Desmond was always a curious and physically advanced child. He started walking at 6 months old and had his 1st basketball goal at 2 years old.

He loved being outside and would play until dark. He liked going on adventures in the Woods with his cousins when visiting Grandma Shirley’s house in Apex. He talked his cousins into trying to find a panther in the Woods behind Grandma’s house! Thank God they never found one. Read More  >

Desmond lost his life in a senseless act of violence...

He was on the cusp of starting college to study criminal justice and continue his basketball career. Desmond had a light and so many loved him and wanted to be around him. He knew how to motivate others through laughter, fun and competitiveness.

To continue Desmond’s love for sports and helping others; we created the Desmond Jenkins Student Athlete College Scholarship Fund. The scholarship will be awarded annually to select Sanderson High School students who are accepted into College and participating in College level sports with a household annual income of $55K or less.

Please support the scholarship and help provide financial resources for other students to pursue their education and athletic dreams!